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Welcome to Muscle - Bodybuilding - Steroid Top Sites!

Thanks and welcome to Muscle Topsites!

What is Muscle TopSites?
Muscle TopSites is a site/program which allows you to join and get your website ranked amongst other similar sites!

How Does It Work?
Once You join Muscle TopSites, you will be issued a snippet of code to place anywhere/or multiple locations in your website. This code keeps a track of all traffic to that page of your site where the code is placed. The code will also display your current ranking in the topsites list as compared to other similar sites.

Why would this benefit me?
Muscle TopSites creates a unilateral linking system amongst keeping a track of your traffic and keeping a track of your rankings. What this means is Muscle TopSites by way of banners and links will ALSO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE! When visitors come to Muscle TopSites to see the rankings, they also see your banners and links, when they click on those banners and links, they are RE-DIRECTED to YOUR SITE!

How Do I Join and GET RANKED!?
Joining is simple and FREE! Return to the homepage and click on "Join" located at the top of the page, you will be given step by step directions on how to Join. There are a few things you may want to do prior to joining.....

1. Have a banner created and ready to go, the banner will need to be 468 pixels by 60 pixels ( 468x60 )
2. Load the banner to your website, remember where you uploaded the banner ( you'll need the URL )

Muscle TopSites is available to ANYONE with a website pertaining to Building Muscle, Working Out, Health and Beauty, Fitness, Exercise, Diet, Supplementation, etc. Your site can be commercial, personal, blog, forum/message board, or any other format just as long as it pertains to the criteria above. Muscle Top Sites provides this website for informational and educational purposes only, it is YOUR RESPONSIBLITY to know the laws governing your country.

If you have any additional concerns or questions you can reach us at THANKS!